First Workshop on Multiscale Modeling for PEMFCs, Grenoble, 12-13 June 2014

PUMA MIND is organising its first open Workshop during 12-13 June 2014, at Minatec in Grenoble France. The main objectives of the event are to provide an overview of state-of-the-art multiscale modeling for PEMFC, while giving experimental insights as well as promote multiscale modeling outside the consortium. The programme features keynote lectures followed by technology and innovation presentations as well as a poster session and visits to laboratories.


The Workshop is designed for academic and industrial researchers, fuel cell practitioners and consultants as well as research students concerned with issues of modeling fuel cells. Prominent invited speakers will share their experiences with latest modeling approaches and discuss advances, trends and the remaining challenges. Modeling approaches to be covered span the atomic/ molecular scale to the macro scale of structures and materials up to components, stack and system level. In addition there will be focus on appropriate ways of coupling the different scales is required in order to provide properties needed for meso scale and macro scale models from the nano scales. The agenda and registration information follows.

Day 1 – 12 June 2014 

8.30 : Welcome and registration

9.00 : Keynote Lecture 1

   Succeeding with New Electrochemical Materials: A Market-Driven Modeling Approach 
   K. Malek, Simon Fraser University, Canada 

9.45: Session 1:   Multiscale modeling methodology & examples

   Methodology in Multi-scale Modeling 
   E. Bonnetier, Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory, Grenoble,  France 

   TB_SIM code:  An  integrated  Multi-scale  Approach for the Characterization of Nanotransistors 
   Y.M. Niquet and F. Triozon, CEA INAC/LETI, France 

   Multi-scale Modeling of Li-ion Batteries 
   M.L. Doublet, Institut Charles Gerhald Montpellier, France 

   Multiscale Simulations of Enzyme Catalysis 
   M. Field, Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble, France

12.00: Lunch and poster cession (by PUMA MIND partners) 

13.00-14.00 : Visit of the Show Room  and the Liten’s laboratories. 

14.00: Session 2: PUMA MIND dissemination

   Recent Research Highlights 
   M. Quinaud, CEA, France 

15.00: Session 3:   Electrochemical interface modeling

   Requirement  of  Industrial  Multi-scale  PEMFCs  Modeling.  Description of the Electrochemical Double Layer 
   T. Mashio, Nissan, Japan

   DFT Calculations, Insights for New Electrode Materials 
   J. Rossmeisl, DTU, Denmark

16.50: Session 4 : Transport modeling
   Multiscale Proton Dynamic in the Membrane 
   G. Gebel, CEA (to be confirmed) 

   Pore Network Modeling, coupling with the Cell/System Level 
   J. Pauchet, CEA, France 

18.00-19.00:  Visit of the Show Room and Liten’s laboratories. 


Day 2 – 13 June 2014

8.30: Keynote Lecture 2

   Diagnostics, Health monitoring and Energy Management 
   D.Hissel, FCLab, France 

9.15: Session 5 : Diagnostics and monitoring

   Heterogeneities at the cell level by modeling and experiments 
   D. Gerteisen, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany 

   Modeling of fuel cell stacks 
   C. Kunush, CSIC, Spain 

   Non-linear control for fuel cell system: from simulation to rapid prototyping 
   D. Buzon, CEA, France 

   Interaction  between  fuel  cell  stack  degradation  and  system  operating  conditions: coupling modeling and experiments 
   S.Rosini, CEA, France 

11.30: Session 6:   Future outlook 

   A Fuel Cell Modeling Strategy Roadmap 2014-2024 
   C. Kompis, Vodera, UK 

12.15: Concluding remarks 

12.30: Lunch and closure of the workshop

Registration Info
Registration is free of charge and includes lunch and refreshments. Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. For registration information email Manuelle Quinaud (manuelle.quinaud[at]

Travel Info
Grenoble is well-connected to major transportation networks, with motorway links to Lyon, Geneva, and Marseille, a high-speed train service to Paris (3 hours) and Brussels (5 hours), and direct highway access to three airports: Grenoble-Isère Airport - Grenoble, France (GNB ~48 km);  Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport - Lyon, France (LYS ~95 km) and Geneva International Airport - Geneva, Switzerland (GVA ~153 km). Click here for a map of the Minatec area.