Workshop on Integrating Numerical and Experimental Approaches for The Design of Next Generation Fuel Cells

This workshop takes place in Rome on 10 Dec 2013 aims to facilitate the process of overcoming the scientific challenges between current and next-generation fuel cells. This is in line with the efforts towards harmonisation and alignment of capacities, infrastructures and programmes of the European Union and EERA, for the creation of critical mass and world-class expertise. 

PUMA MIND will be represented by Dr Mathias Gerard

of the Institute for New Energy Technologies (LITEN), French Atomic and Alternative Energy Agency (CEA), France. Mathias presentation is entitled "Fuel cell modeling and validation from the stack to the system. Integration into co-simulation phases" and will be featured in the System Control and Product Development session of the Workshop. 

The event's focus is on Integrating Numerical and Experimental Approaches for the Design of Next Generation Fuel Cells with a key aim to bridge the gap between 'experimentalists' and 'modellers'. Speakers include scientists from Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany), German Aerospace Center, VTT (Finland), University of Genoa (Italy) and other leading European research institutions.

The workshop is also beneficial to the mapping and upgrade of European infrastructures on fuel cells and hydrogen. Leading scientists will present the utmost state-of the-art in experimental and numerical methods and give their views on the possibilities for their integration. It is organised in the context of H2FC European Infrastructure Capacities Programme.


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